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Urdu Animal application helps in learning the names of animals both in Urdu & English with the help of images & sounds. The application consists of:

  • Animal Images.
  • Animal names both in URDU & English with sound & images.
  • Poems: Some Interesting Poems for Kids like;
  • Chul-Buli.
  • Ek Bandar ne kholi dukaan.
  • Chun Chun karti ayie chirya.

This interactive application uses sounds and pictures to memorize the alphabets, sounds help in learning the pronunciation of animal names, whereas pictures help in visually memorizing the animals.

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. This app is great for users in Pakistan who wish their Kids start learning Urdu in an interactive manner. Also this app is very useful for overseas Pakistanis that do not have the traditional Urdu learning facilities available for their Kids. The app can help Kids learn the Urdu pronunciation of animals in a fun and interactive way.

Download Iphone Download Android

Download Iphone Download Android

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